Žika Atanacković

Žika Atanacković (1933–1998) studied at the School of Applied Arts in Niš. For a while he worked as an art teacher, but in 1958 he moved to Belgrade where he worked as an illustrator for numerous editorial offices. In 1964 he began working with Dečje novine, and being the editor of the children magazine Zeka he created several illustrations and heroes, the best known among which are Tik-Tak, Zeka, Ceca and Peca. In 1960s he created several comic strips on the topic of Serbian history for various newspapers, the most notable being the series on Hajduk Veljko, ‘Hvalisav iz Gacka’, ‘Pobedonosni sukob’, ‘Đavolja komanda’ and ‘Zaseda’.

Žika Atanacković: “Proboj / Breakthrough” #11, #12, 42 x 59 cm

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