Guy Herzog – Bara

Bara (1923-2003) was born in Riga, Latvia to a Belgian family of diplomats. He travelled a great deal as a child, before he returned to Belgium in 1940 and set up the magazine Le Faune in 1945. He then worked in advertising for several years, before moving to Paris in 1950 to start illustrating comics for various publications under the pseudonym Barabas, later Bara. In 1954, he created ‘Max, L’Explorateur ‘, a very popular, humorous and, in its social critique, often sharply satirical comic. A big international success, the comic was published in many newspapers, such as France-Soir, Le Soir, Het Laatste Nieuws, Cork Oserver etc., and also appeared in longer stories in Spirou, beginning in 1964.

Guy Herzog – Bara: “Max, LʼExplorateur / Max the Explorer”, 1970, 38 x 50 cm

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