Žarko Beker

Žarko Beker (1936-2012) studied architecture, but left his studies to become a comic artist. His first comic was published in magazine Pionir in 1951. In 1956, he started working in animation, and for three years he worked on seven films. After this, he turned to comics again and started producing titles such as ‘Pavel Biri’, ‘Bint el Hadra’, ‘Zaviša’, ‘Operacija Palac’, ‘Suparnici’, ‘Demonja’ and ‘Magirus’. On most of these, Beker worked together with the writer Zvonimir Furtinger. After he retired from comics, Žarko Beker became art director of a marketing agency in Zagreb.

Žarko Beker: “Mak Makić”, 47 x 57 cm


Žarko Beker: “Koraljka, Neven i Bobo / Koraljka, Neven and Bobo”, 50 x 64,5 cm

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