Luis Bermejo

Bermejo began his career as the assistant of Manuel Gago and then he got his own series ‘El Rey del Mar’. In the late 1950s he began his comics career in Britain, working for Tarzan Weekly and Thriller Picture among others. In 1962 he started drawing the war-themed comic strip Mann of Battle for The Eagle and in 1963 he drew the strip Heros the Spartan. In the 1970s his horror comics were published in US magazines like Eerie and Vampirella. In 1980 Bermejo wrote and illustrated an adaptation of Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings. He also did adaptations from books by Isaac Asimov and Raymond Chandler. In addition to his comics, Luis Bermejo has got an important career as an illustrator.

Luis Bermejo: “Penny in the Sun”, 36 x 50 cm, 1973

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