Franco Caprioli

Franco Caprioli (1912-1974) started his career as a painter, but very soon dedicated himself to comics. In 1937 he began working for Il Vittorioso and remained a contributor to this magazine for the next three decades. His specialty was adventure stories and his first creation was ‘Gino e Piero’. Between 1938 and 1941 he also worked for the publishing house Mondadori and in 1943, he began a collaboration with Il Corriere dei Piccoli. When his collaboration with Il Vittorioso ended, Caprioli focused on drawing for the British and French markets. After that, Caprioli mainly worked for the Italian magazine Il Giornalino, for which he illustrated stories and novel adaptations like ‘L’Isola Misterioso’, ‘Michel Strogoff’ and ‘Figli del Capitano Grant’.

Franco Caprioli: “Lʼancora sommersa / The Submerged Anchor”, 1953, 38 x 54,5 cm

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