Carlos Cruz

Carlos Cruz (1930), an artist born in Andalusia, had his first works published in the local press when he was only seventeen. In 1949 he migrated to Buenos Aires, where he found a job in a mill, while working for the publishing house Abril as a designer. In the 1950s, he became a cover illustrator for various magazines, and sketcher for comics by other authors such as Hugo Pratt. Soon after, he started to produce his own comics for the Argentinean press. In 1960, Cruz returned to Malaga to work for the Spanish press. At the same time, he began a long-lasting collaboration with the British publishing house Fleetway Publications, which helped him achieve recognition in the UK, especially after he had created ‘Dan Dare’.

Carlos Cruz: “The Jailbird Commandos”, 1965, 42 x 52 cm

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