Philippe Delaby

At the age of fourteen, Dealby (1961) entered the Academy of Fine Arts of Tournai, where he became fascinated by Flemish and French classical painters. At first, he was interested in oil painting, but focused on comics at the age of eighteen. He published his first works in Tintin in 1987, and soon showed great talent for illustrating historical themes. In the 1990s his style matured, culminating in the very popular comic ‘Murena’, created in collaboration with scriptwriter Jean Dufaux in 1997. Cleverly combining historical facts and the authors’ imagination, the comic is set in the time of the Julio-Claudian dynasty, focusing on Emperor Nero and the madness that slowly consumes him.

Philippe Delaby: “Murena” (Book 8, #1), 2010, 29 x 40 cm

Philippe Delaby: “Joseph II. le Réformateur / Joseph II. the Reformator”

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