Milorad Dobrić

Milorad Dobrić (1924-1991) studied architecture but his beloved hobby was cartooning, which became his profession in 1945. In 1950 he got a job as political cartoonists on the humour weekly Jež in Belgrade. Very soon he became one of the top cartoonists in his field in Yugoslavia. Dobrić wrote and illustrated his first published comic book ‘Veliki Turnir’ in 1951. In 1952 he created ‘Pera Pesak’, which became a very popular comic strip and in 1954 he created the pantomime gag strip ‘Ljuba Truba’. Later work by Dobrić includes the daily comic strip ‘Kurir Fića’ and two very successful comic strips ‘Slavuj Gliša’ and ‘Inspektor

Milorad Dobrić: “Izložba / Exhibition”, 1972, 18,5 x 35,5 cm

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