Alarico Gattia

Alarico Gattia (1927) worked as an advertising illustrator before he started to work for Italian publisher Mondadori as an illustrator, where he stayed for many years. He began his comics career in the late 1960s in Il Corriere dei Piccoli. He then joined Il Giornalino, where he illustrated several comic adaptations of literary works. In 1977 Gattia joined Bonelli, where he wrote and drew ‘L’Uomo del Klondike’ and ‘L’Uomo del Sud’ in the collection ‘Un Uomo, un’Avventura’. He also cooperated on the collection ‘Storia d’Italia a Fumetti’ and on the French series ‘L’Histoire du Far West’ at Larousse. After some short stories in Comic Art in the 1980s, he took over artwork for the series ‘Tex’ at Bonelli.

Alarico Gattia: “Pedro de Valdivia”, 28 x 35 cm

Posted in Italy