Ruggero Giovannini

Giovannini (1922-1983), an Italian draughtsman, illustrator and painter, published his first comic in Vittorioso in 1945. This was followed by several comic adaptations of popular films and the series ‘Jim Brady’. In 1969, he left Vittorioso for Il Giornalino. While producing comics for the Italian press, he also worked for the British publisher Fleetway Publications through the d’Ami studio. His most successful work in terms of international resonance was produced through this publisher for the British press, and ranges from westerns and historical action comics, such as ‘Olac the Gladiator’, to the outstanding, gripping cartoon version of ‘The three Musketeers’ in colour. Like his entire body of work, the latter is clearly marked by his somewhat rough, sharp and dynamic artwork.

Ruggero Giovannini: “Olac the Gladiator”, 1968, 36 x 48 cm

Ruggero Giovannini: “The Three Musketieers”, 1967, 35 x 42 cm

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