Aleksandar Hecl

Aleksandar Hecl started to draw comics already in childhood. When he was thirteen, Vreme newspaper mentioned him as “the little wunderkind of Zemun”. He studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Belgrade, but terminated his studies in 1951, since he had already been working as a professional illustrator. In an extremely prolific creative period extending over forty years he created many illustrations, comics and paintings, which were published in magazines Pioniri, Mladost, Zmaj, Kekec and Yu strip. In 1960s he made four episodes of a science-fiction series based on the script of Dragoljub Jovanović, ‘Zemljo, do viđenja ‘, ‘Letimo na Mesec ‘, ‘Otmica u vasioni’ and ‘Špijun na Radnagu’. He concluded his career in comics in 1984 by producing ‘Faet’, which is considered a gem of Serbian fantasy comics.

Aleksandar Hecl: “Faet”, 1985, 35 x 49 cm

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