Branislav Kerac

Branislav Kerac (1952) is a notable representative of the generation that made up the “second golden age” of Yugoslav comics. In 1975 he had his first comic ‘Poručnik Tara’ published in Zlatni kliker magazine. In 1978 he created the comic ‘Kobra’, which helped reinforce the cult status of Yu strip magazine. In a prolific collaboration with the scriptwriter Svetozar Obradović and editor Sibin Slavković he continued to create the first Balkan superheroine Cat Claw in 1981, who also gathered popularity among comic audiences in Scandinavia. In the same year he got employed by Dnevnik and started to work on the licence comic strip ‘Il Grande Blek’. He created many independent comics of various genres. Billy The Pljuc would certainly be among his popular characters. In recent years, he has mostly been pursuing graphic design and illustration.

Branislav Kerac: “Duh / Ghost ” #9, 30 x 45,5 cm

Branislav Kerac: “Nindže / Ninjas” 203A, 1981, 35 x 50 cm

Branislav Kerac: “Nindže / Ninjas” 1981

Branislav Kerac: “Bili the Pljuc” N-36, 2006, 31 x 45,5 cm

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