Darko Kreč

Darko Kreč graduated from the Faculty of Mining Engineering, University of Zagreb. He is presently a well known author of animated films and a Lecturer at the Academy of Fine Arts, Zagreb. He worked on a number of animated series (‘Little Flying Bears’, ‘Chip and Carly’; ‘Bojan’; ‘Anima-Animal’, etc.) as the main animator. He is the author of the animated films ‘Duet’, ‘Coffins’, ‘The Last Waltz in the Old Mill’ and ‘The Level’. His films were shown in a number of festivals in Croatia and abroad. The film ‘Duet’ won the YU-ASIFE award for the debutant. ‘The Last Waltz in the Old Mill’ was in the official competition of the 12th World Festival of Animated Films, Zagreb, 1996.

Darko Kreč: “Boduljko i Žbunika / Boduljko and Žbunika”, 1996, 34 x 42 cm

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