Bill Lacey

Bill Lacey (1917-2000) did his first comics work, ‘Robin Alone’ story, in 1951 for Mickey Mouse Weekly. While continuing this comic until 1956, he also  worked for Cowboy Comics Library and Super Detective Library, where he really made his mark. He also did illustrations in Express Weekly and Valiant, as well as comics with ‘Bill Hanley and Rick Slade’ in Lion. For the magazine Look & Learn he drew a version of Great Expectations and Eagles Over the Western Front. His other main strip for Look & Learn was Agent of the Queen which told the adventures of a Victorian James Bond. He did his final comics work in Buddy in 1981, including ‘The Wilde Boys’ and ‘The Q-Bikes’.

Bill Lacey: “Agent of the Queen”, 1976, 31 x 39 cm

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