Vladimir Krstić – Laci

Vladimir Krstić – Laci (1959) entered the world of comics in 1980s when his story on Bili Skitnica as a collaboration with the scriptwriter Miodrag Krstić was published in Yu strip. Their collaboration continued with the comic ‘Ninja protiv Jakuza’ for Eks almanah. He was also among the authors who were working on the immensely popular comic ‘Il Grande Blek’ based on Italian licence. He then left comics for twenty years to work as a graphic designer, illustrator and art director of magazines. In 2006 he returned to the world of comics as he began making the album ‘Le Celesté Noir’ based on the script by Sylvain Cordurié for the French publishing house Delcourt. He continues to work with the same scriptwriter on stories about Sherlock Holmes, which have been published by the Soleil publishing house since 2010.

Vladimir Krstić – Laci: “Sherlock Holmes”, 2011, 35 x 50 cm

Posted in Serbia