Đorđe Lobačev

Đorđe Lobačev (1909-2002) is one of the pioneers and major authors of Serbian and Yugoslav comics. When in 1934 he lost his job in a construction company due to the economic crisis, he took up illustrating books, drawing caricatures and started to pursue graphic design in order to support his family. As one of the authors of the socalled “Belgrade circle”, he created the comics ‘Hajduk Stanko’, ‘Baron Minhauzen’, ‘Plava pustolovka’ and others. He had his works published in magazines Panorama, Politika, Mika Miš, Politikin zabavnik, Mikijevo carstvo. Even before World War II, the French magazine Aventures published his series ‘Princesse Thanit’ (‘Princeza Ru’). Being a Soviet citizen, he was expelled to Romania during the Informbiro period and a few years later he moved to Sankt Petersburg, where he lived until his death.

Đorđe Lobačev: “Gospodar smrti III / Master Death III”, str. 3/p 3, 1940, 37 x 48 cm

Đorđe Lobačev: “Baron Minhauzen / Baron Münchhausen”, 1940 , 27,5 x 31 cm

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