Raymond Macherot

Raymond Macherot (1924-2008) originally wanted to pursue a career in journalism or painting, but soon focused on illustration and comics for financial reasons. His first works were published in the satirical magazine Pan, but his career in comics really began in 1953, when he joined the legendary magazine Tintin. A year later he created his most famous series ‘Chlorophylle’. He is known as a master of satirical comics, which often express social criticism and feature anthropomorphic animal heroes. In 1964, he left Tintin and started working for Spirou, continuing to explore the themes from ‘Chlorophylle’ in the comic ‘Sibylline’. Like its predecessor, ‘Sibylline’ deals with adventures of mice and their struggle for survival.

Raymond Macherot: “Sibylline”, 1982, 32,5 x 42,5 cm

Posted in Belgium