Attilio Micheluzzi

Attilio Micheluzzi (1930-1990) was an architect, who also worked for the royal family of Libya, until he was chased back to Italy by Gaddafi. He began a career in illustration and comics. Using the pseudonym of Igor Artz Bajeff he started writing and drawing short historical stories and biographies. In 1974 he created ‘Johnny Focus’ for the magazine Corriere dei Ragazzi. In 1977, for Alter magazine, he created ‘Petra Chèrie’, a female pilot fighting the Germans during World War I, as well as ‘Simon Flash’ in Scorpio. Apart from adapting literary stories for comics, he created his own historical graphic novels ‘L’Uomo del
Tanganyka’ and ‘L’Uomo del Khyber’. His latest work, ‘Afghanistan’, was published posthumously in 1990.

Attilio Micheluzzi: “Johnny Focus”, 1975, 34,5 x 47 cm

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