Radič Miša Mijatović

Radič Miša Mijatović was already making comics as a teenager, and in 1979 he got employed by the Novi Sad Dnevnik newspaper as a professional comic strip artist. His first portrait caricatures were published in Džuboks, and from then he published regularly in Mini-džuboks, Politikin zabavnik, Tempo and many other magazines. His first comic strip was published in 1970 in Zeka magazine.  Then came ‘Mylysaw’ and ‘Gvozden i Nebojša’, which were published in Dečje novine and Politikin zabavnik. Together with the scriptwriter Dušan Vukojev, he was making the comic series ‘Mika Muštikla’ for Forum, whereas he also worked on licenced comics ‘Kosmo’, ‘Il Grande Blek’ and ‘Lun kralj ponoći’ for Dnevnik. In late 1980s he was making the comics ‘Felix the Cat’ and ‘Klaus and Klaus’ for German publishers.

Radič Miša Mijatović: “Mika Muštikla” #5, 1986, 34,5 x 49,5 cm

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