Nikola Navojev

Nikola Navojev (1913-1940) was one of the leading members of the so-called “Belgrade circle”. His first comic strip, ‘Istorija Abisinske dinastije’ was published in 1935 in Strip magazine. In the next two years, while the magazine was being published, he published another ten stories, of which ‘Tarcaneta’ was most welcomed by the readers. He also published in Mika Miš magazine, and later in Mikijevo carstvo. In his most prolific period between 1939 and 1940, he created more than 400 boards. The most important among the works created in this period are his series ‘Mali moreplovac’, ‘Mladi Bartulo’, ‘Dve sirotice’ and ‘Zigomar’.

Nikola Navojev: “Rob sa galije / The Slave from the Gally”, 1938, 35 x 47 cm

Nikola Navojev: “Zigomar” #11, 1940, 36 x 51 cm

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