Brana Nikolić

Brana Nikolić (1936) studies at the Academy of Arts in Belgrade. He worked professionally as a journalist and cartoonist, while also drawing comic strips and writing westerns and ninja novels (under various pseudonyms). His first comic strip ‘Fudbalko’ was published in 1963 in Dečje novine. For years he continued to work with the same publisher and gained specific popularity with children based on his comic series ‘Mija Siledžija’, ‘Bendžo Kosta’, ‘Mate Karate’, ‘Pastir Hotka’, ‘Džungla Đole’ and ‘Tarziko’. He was the editor of magazines Eks Almanah, Eureka and Karavan.

Brana Nikolić: “Mile Siledžija” #19, 1975 , 36 x 43 cm

Posted in Serbia