Željko Pahek

Željko Pahek (1954) is one of the founders of the comic group “Belgrade Circle 2”. He began to have his comic strips published in 1979 in the Belgrade Student magazine. His works were published in all major Yugoslav comic magazines, with the most notable work from this period being ‘Astroiđani’. He also wrote scripts for other authors and was one of the 27 authors to have collaborated in the ‘Durchbruch’ project  accompanying the fall of the Berlin wall. His works were published in the most renowned magazines worldwide, such as Heavy Metal, Schwer Metal, Eternaute, Fluide Glacial, and Tin Tin. In 2005 he created the comic book ‘Moby Dick’ based on the script by Jean-Pierre Pécau for the French publishing house Delcourt.

Željko Pahek: “Moby Dick”, 1981, 34,5 x 46,5 cm

Željko Pahek: “Astroiđani”

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