Raymond Reding

Reding (1920-1999) was born in France to a Belgian father and a French mother. Growing up in Belgium, he showed keen interest in sport, which would later come about as frequent treatment of this theme in his comic series. As a young man, he tried several jobs, from pianist to paperboy, before focusing on drawing and writing. In 1944, he started to write and illustrate short stories for Bravo; later he created comics for Récréation, a supplement of the newspaper La Dernière Heure. In 1950, he joined the editorial board at Tintin, and rose to fame in 1957 with ‘Jari’, a comic series about the adventures of tennis player Jimmy Torrent and his orphaned protege Jari. Later, he created many other works that bear a strong connection to sport, with ‘Éric Castel’, a comic about soccer, at the forefront as the most famous one of them.

Raymond Reding: “Jari”, 1962, 27 x 36 cm

Raymond Reding: “Jari”, 1962, 27 x 36 cm – back

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