Ivan Šenšin

Ivan Šenšin (1897-1944) is one of the oldest representatives of the so-called “Belgrade circle” who in 1920s moved to Belgrade from Russia. His first comic strip ‘Doživljaji Mike Miša’ was published in 1932 in the children magazine Veseli četvrtak. He only returned to comics five years later when he published the first board of the comic strip ‘Manđžurija u plamenovima’ in Mika Miš magazine. He wrote the scripts for his works himself, often using literary sources or themes from folk tales as starting points. The majority of his work was published in Mikijevo carstvo magazine, which, however, ceased to exist because of the war. The last issue featured three Šenšin’s unfinished comic strips: ‘Okovi prošlosti’, ‘Kraljević Marko’ and ‘Nina Džavaha’.

Ivan Šenšin: “Nina Džavaha” #12, 1941 29,5 x 40 cm

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