Robert Solanović

Robert Solanović (1974) began his career as an inker for the comic Svebor i Plamena by Darko Macan and Goran Sudžuka. His first professional assignment was on the strip ‘Sašin dnevnik’ based on the script by Darko Macan. In 1999 the children’s magazine Prvi izbor began publishing his own original work – the comic ‘Mister Mačak’. His works simultaneously appeared in Modra Lasta magazine, while he also worked as inker for comics created by E. Biuković and G. Sudžuka for the US publishing house DC Comics. Since 2003 his works have been regularly published in the Croatian comic magazine Q, for which he creates the
series Slatka (under the pseudonym Leo Müller), and Kljunovi (under the pseudonym Alf & Hitch), both based on the script by Darko Macan.

Robert Solanović: “Mister Mačak / Mister Cat”, 2004, 30×40 cm

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