Sergej Solovjev

Sergej Solovjev (1901-1975) was born in Russia, but he escaped to Serbia in 1920 and acquired Yugoslavian citizenship. He studied at the Academy of Art in Belgrade. His first comic ‘Legija Prokletih’ was a story of adventure and war. He had 31 comics printed in three different Serbian magazines (Mika Miš, Mikijevo Carstvo, Politikin Zabavnik) before the Nazi invasion in 1941. Nearly a half of Solovjev’s comics were written by Branislav Vidić. The works they did together include ‘Ivanhoe’, ‘Crni Ataman’, ‘Bufalo Bil’, ‘Napoleon’, ‘Siberian Girl’ and ‘Big Kid’. The high quality of Solovjev’s work was confirmed by publication abroad, mostly in France and Italy, where his work appeared in the fascist L’Avventuroso magazine, which ran from 1934 to 1943.

Sergej Solovjev: “Carev štitonoša / The Emperor’s Shieldcarrier”, 28, 34,5 x 48 cm


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