Ferdinando Tacconi

Ferdinando Tacconi (1922-2006) graduated from the School of Applied Arts in Milan and entered the comics field after World War II. In 1948 he started to work for Mondadori and in the midfifties he began his collaboration with English publishers. His first assignment was the creation of the comic strip ‘Jet Morgan’. By the end of the 1960s he was back in Italy, working on Il Corriere dei Piccoli, and then in the early 1970s he moved to publisher Barbieri, where he created the sexy comic strip ‘Isabella’. In 1973 he created one of his most popular series ‘Gli Aristocratici’. In his later years, Tacconi collaborated with Bonelli and drew episodes of ‘Dylan Dog’ and ‘Nick Raider’.

Ferdinando Tacconi: “Gli Aristoratici / The Aristocrats”, 1975, 35×50 cm

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