Sergio Toppi

Sergio Toppi (1932) made his comics debut with ‘Il Mago Zurlì’ and a biography of Pietro Micca in Il Corriere dei Piccoli in 1966, after working as an animator and illustrator. He continued with several historical and war comics in the series ‘Grandi Avventure di Pace e di Guerra’, in cooperation with the writer Milo Milani. From 1976, he illustrated some episodes in the collection ‘Un Uomo, un’Avventura’ at Bonelli, including ‘L’Uomo del Nilo’, ‘L’Uomo del Messico’ and ‘L’Uomo delle Paludi’. His works have been published in the magazines Linus, Alter, Sgt. Kirk, Il Giornalino, Corto Maltese. He also worked for the French
and Spanish markets. Toppi continued his collaboration with Bonelli, drawing for Ken Parker Magazine and the series ‘Nick Raider’, ‘Julia’ and ‘Martin Mystère’.

Sergio Toppi: “Lʼuomo del Nilo / The man from Nile”, 1974, 26 x 37 cm

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