Albert Weinberg

Dan Cooper, a heroic Royal Canadian Air Force pilot, is the most famous of the characters created by the Belgian comics artist Albert Weinberg (1922-2011) . Weinberg first studied law until his studies were cut short by World War II. After the war, he found work as an assistant to the classic French realistic comics artist Victor Hubinon. In 1949, he took over his series ‘Joe La Tornade’ (‘Joe Tornado’) and continued it in collaboration with scriptwriter Jean-Michel Charlier. In 1950, he joined Tintin, where he first worked on several different comics until he created ‘Dan Cooper’, a character for the comic bearing the same name. After three episodes written by Jean-Michel Charlier, he continued the series by himself. If early on, the comic had many science fiction elements, later it started to become increasingly realistic, with characters gaining in complexity. With gaps and several different publishers, ‘Dan Cooper’ was published until 1992 and is over 2000 pages long.

Albert Weinberg: “Dan Cooper”, 1971, 35 x 50 cm

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