Desimir Žižović Buin

Desimir Žižović Buin is a self-taught comic strip artist. In 1950s he illustrated Serbian national tales and epic poems. He created his first comic strip ‘Marko i Musa’ in 1953. A bit later Dečje novine newspaper began to publish his comic strip ‘Mirko in Slavko’, which ran for fifteen years in various publications (Nikad robom, Kuriri, Tik-tak, Bombaši…), during which period Buin was supposed to have created more than five hundred episodes. The comic strip series was also adapted to the eponymous film directed by Branimir Janković – Tori.

Desimir Žižović Buin: “Mirko i Slavko / Mirko and Slavko” #6, 1974, 33x46cm

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