Martin Asbury

Martin Asbury graduated from St. Martin’s School of Art in London, and started to work in comics, something he had almost been addicted to while growing up, in the early 1970s. He began his career by assisting on ‘Flash Gordon’ for a short period of time. In 1969 he went freelance, working for various clients. In 1970, he started to work for the magazine Wizard, and later also TV21 and TV Comic, but his first big success came with his comics in Look-In, particularly the massively successful ‘Kung Fu’ and ‘The Six Million Dollar Man’. With their attractive dynamics, these series left a lasting mark on generations of British comics enthusiasts. In 1976, after the death of Frank Bellamy, Asbury took over the artwork of the popular comic ‘Garth’ in the Daily Mirror. In the 1980s, he shifted increasingly from comics to producing storyboards for feature films.

MARTIN ASBURY, Kung Fu, 38 x 54 cm

Posted in United Kingdom