Frank Bellamy

Frank Bellamy (1917-1976) began his artistic career working for an art agency in Kettering, where he made paintings for a local cinema. In 1948 he became a freelance illustrator for several magazines in London. For Eagle magazine he created the comic ‘Commando Gibbs’, an advertising comic for Gibbs toothpaste, which marked the start of his career in comics. For Eagle he also illustrated Heros the Spartan and Fraser of Africa. In 1960 he took over the famous series ‘Dan Dare’ from its creator, Frank Hampson. His last important work was on the series ‘Garth’, that he drew in The Daily Mirror from 1971 until his death in 1976.

Frank Bellamy: “Garth” # H-157, 1974, 52 x 13 cm

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