Marijan Ebner

Ebner (1918-1945) was a professional lithographer, who dedicated most of his life to making comic strips. During the Interbellum he was one of the most published authors in the Belgrade magazine Mika Miš. His first comic strip Misterije okeanskih dubina (Mysteries of the Ocean Depths) was published in 1936. He worked for several other magazines – Tarcan, Paja Patak and Mali zabavnik. For the latter he created the SF comic Pakleni pronalazak (A Hellish Find). He is most known for his adventure, detective, SF and travel comics. During World War II he mostly worked as an illustrator, but also created the war themed comic Staljingrad (Stalingrad), later renamed Preko ruske stepe (Across the Russian Steppe).

Marijan Ebner: “Pakleni pronalazak / A Hellish Find”, 29 x 42 cm

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