Christian Godard

Godard (1932) is a French comics artist and scriptwriter, who spent his long career working for nearly all French monthly and weekly publications. His first works were published in the 1950s. In 1962 he started to write and draw ‘Norbert et Kari’. This popular humorous comic, which brought something new in terms of its content, deals with the adventures of Kari, a Polynesian boy, and Norbert, who leaves the metropolitan chaos of Paris behind and tries, unsuccessfully, to find peace on the Polynesian atoll Taharatata. In 1967, Godard began his other very successful series ‘Martin Milan’ in Tintin. In the 1970s, he slowly, though not entirely, turned from illustrating comic to writing comics scripts.

Christian Godard: “Norbert et Kari / Norbert and Kari”, 1989, 38 x 47 cm

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