André Juillard

Julliard (1948), a Parisian artist, is considered one of the most prolific artists of historical comics in France. His first comic ‘La Longue Piste de Loup Gris’ (‘The Long Track of Gray Wolf’), a western story, was published in Formule 1 in 1974. For the same magazine, he started his first long historical series ‘Bohémond de Saint-Gilles’ in 1976. With script by Claude Verrien, the comic talks about the adventures of knight Behémond. After a period of great popularity, its quality was affected a great deal by Verrien’s death in 1977 and the arrival of new scriptwriters. In the 1970s and 1980s, Juillard worked on a number of comic
series, which varied in length and targeted a more adult, mature audience. From very early on, he showed interest in dynamic, although almost academically realistic artwork, necessarily featuring clean lines. In the 1990s, turning away from historical genres, he started to explore contemporary themes with his award-winning comic ‘Le Cahier bleu’ (‘The Blue Notebook’).

André Juillard: “Bohémond de Saint-Gilles”, 1985, 32 x 44 cm

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