Ted Kearon

Ted Kearon was one of the most prolific of the artists who worked for Lion in the 1950s. Together with scriptwriter George Cowan, he created the famous character of robot Archie for this magazine in 1952. In the over 20-year history of the comic ‘Robot Archie’ (originally known as ‘The Jungle Robot’, then ‘Archie The Robot Explorer’, and finally ‘Robot Archie’), Archie, at first a mute robot, got his voice and acquired a unique, often boastful personality. The development of the comic over time was also apparent in terms of content. If in accordance with the first title, the early adventures took place in the jungles of Africa and South America, more and more science fiction elements were added later.

Ted Kearon: “Robot Archie”, 1964, 42 x 53 cm

Ted Kearon: “Zip Nolan”, 1961, 42 x 54 cm

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