Andrija Maurović

Andrija Maurović is considered the “fatherˮ of Croatian comics. For several years he drew caricatures for the satirical magazine Koprive, and in 1935, he created his first comic ‘Vjerenica Mača’, which was published in the Zagreb newspaper Novosti. In the same year Maurović co-launched Oko, the first Yugoslav comics magazine. By 1968 he had created nearly 150 stories for the magazine, including ‘Stari Mačak’, ‘Podzemna Carica’ and ‘Ljubavnica s Marsa’. Inspired by major literary works, Maurović transformed several works by Jack London, Henryk Sienkiewicz and H. G. Wells into comics. He specialized in historical comics, for which he didn’t use any documentation, just his abundant imagination.

Andrija Maurović: “Ivo i barba Niko / Ivo and barba Niko”, 1963/64, 50 x 70 cm

Andrija Maurović: “Hajdučka pjesma / Song of the Hayducs”, 1955, 64,5 x 72 cm

Andrija Maurović: “Biser zla / The Pearl of Evil” #11, 1960/61, 50 x 71 cm

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