John McLusky

John McLusky is best known as the original artist of the ‘James Bond’ newspaper strip, that appeared in the London Daily Express from July 1958. Until 1966 McLusky adapted 13 of Ian Fleming’s James Bond novels or short stories. He additionally drew ‘The Beast of Loch Craggon’ for Eagle in 1962-64, and after his departure from the Bond strip, he drew among others ‘Secret Agent 13’ for Fleetway. He made illustrations for the educational magazine Look and Learn and for magazine TV Comic illustrated several strips for 15 years. He drew strip adaptations of ‘Orlando’, ‘Laurel & Hardy’ and ‘The Pink Panther’. In 1982 McLusky returned to illustrate 4 new original James Bond stories.

John McLusky: “The Pink Panther”, 1978, 29 x 42 cm

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