Reginald Smyth

Reginald Smyth (1917-1998), known as Reg Smythe, made his name as the author of the comic strip entitled Andy Capp, which has been and remains to many readers the favourite part of the notable British newspaper Daily Mirror. The comic strip was first published in 1957 and continues to this day when following Smyth’s death in 1998 it is being made by his successors. Andy Capp gained fame in around 56 countries and 1600 newspapers, appearing under diverse names. Using the pseudonym Reg Smythe, the author created a humoristic strip brimming with cynicism, the main characters being a chain smoker Andy and his wife Florrie. For his body of comics, Smyth received several awards in the UK, USA and Italy, including the award for Best British Cartoon Strip.

Reginald Smyth: “Andy Capp”, 1989, 48 x 24 cm

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